Visual event tracking for Google Analytics

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Track events with a click. No coding.

Your Penguin Analytics (your PA) adds super powers to your Google Analytics! 💪 Google Analytics is easy to add but in the standard configuration it tracks only page visits, traffic sources and user flows. We activate tracking for clicks on buttons and other website-specific events and conversion target tracking. To activate these features and collect this data in Google Analytics, no additional programming code is needed. Boost your Marketing Department with those insights and 💹 improve your marketing campaigns.

Event tracking is now super easy to add. With PA, the marketing responsibles can add event tracking themselves. Neither programming skills, nor additional IT rollout is needed. 🚀

Super quick setup. You’ll be tracking events in 5 minutes.

After setting up your PA, it will start tracking Events in your Google Analytics account right away. You will find the Data in "Behaviour > Events".

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Penguin Analytics will be completely free and unlimited for the duration of the Beta. Beyond the Beta your account will be changed to limited free and we’ll give you the option to upgrade to a paid plan.

Are there more features planned?

Defnitly. We are already working on the upcoming features. Next is: Showing realtime visitor data right in your website (as long as you are logged in). We are also working to bring powerfull insights driven by Machine Learning right in your website. Don't miss it 😉

I like your product! Are you working on other products?

Yes. We are currently working on "Personalise the Internet". A service that adds hyperpersonalization to every website. 😱 Digital Footprints are used to generate Visitor Profiles and used to adjust website contents like text, images, etc. to the current user. As a human adjusts his way of communicating from one partner to another, the website learns to do so by leveraging technologies like Neuronal Networks and Reinfocement Learning. All in a transparent way and with respect to the onwership of the personal data.